I travel throughout U.S. & England.

  I can also recommend other Lipsologists. 

I'm also pleased to 
recommend other competent
Certified Lipsologists:  

Ariana Lightningstorm, East Coast
Beth Engerson, New York
Laura West, Texas
Jilly Eddy, US
Pam Fox, New York & Arizona
Michael Kett, Chicago 

Intuitive Lipsology for Business & Entertainment 

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Lipsology® is the art and science of reading lip prints.

Deni Luna is one of only eight certified Lipsologists® world-wide. She trained extensively under Lipsology® founder Jillly Eddy. Lipsology® was developed as a science after studying more than 20,000 lip prints regarding 100+ unique markings.  

Lipsology® builds good will and postive buzz. It creates memorable events. Corporate events feature Lipsology® for ice-breakers and mixers. Events range from national sales meetings to shareholder events to in-store promotions to employee gatherings.   Lipsology® helps people celebrate personal milestones like weddings, bachelorette parties, showers, anniversaries, birthdays, bar/bat/mitzvahs, career promotions and more. 

Deni is a seasoned professional, with more than 10 years experience as an event entertainer.  She is a former national television reporter and talk show host.